14k Black/Gold Constellation Necklace

This necklace is inspired by sacred geometry. Depth is created within the piece by making two layers, each layer is a triangle. When the layers are riveted together, they form this sacred shape. This incredible work of art celebrates spirituality and the stars. They are meant to be a stars of David hidden within a beautiful pattern. This is a perfect and unique way to wear Judaica.

Alice Scott started her jewelry business by working with the Women and Infants Hospital in Rhode Island. The nurses there had a brilliant idea. They wanted a bracelet they could give to their patients when they came in for cancer treatment. Scott was still a student at Rhode Island School of Design at the time, where she was obsessed with jewelry as a meaningful gift. She jumped at the chance to make something to help people. The bracelet she designed was a huge success at the Hospital. She was so motivated by the success of the bracelet, she knew she wanted to keep designing pieces with elegance and meaning.

Pendant measurements: 7/8" W diameter
Chain measurements: 18" L

Handmade in Asheville, NC
Price: $245.00
Contact us for availability before ordering 215.923.0262 or orders@judaicashop.net