Matzah Plates & Covers

Matzah Plates and Covers

Why on this night do we eat only matzah?

 The Jewish people fled Egypt in such a hurry, they had no time to wait for their bread dough to rise. And so unleavened bread, matzah, is traditionally at the center of the Passover meal—the Seder—as well as eaten throughout the holiday week.

The matzah is stacked on a plate, covered with a special cloth or case. One piece, called the "afikomen", is removed and hidden for the children to find—to be eaten at the very end of the meal.

The right matzah plate or cover can bring solemnity, elegance, or whimsy to your table. The perfect holiday gift for a Seder host, or a meaningful housewarming or wedding present!

Your purchase supports the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.