Anniversary Ketubah Text

The Anniversary text, for those couples celebrating an Anniversary and wishing to commemorate the special event, states how many years the couple has been together, renews old promises, and adds new commitments for the future. You may prefer to use a traditional Ketubah text filled out with your original dates, or choose a design from an artist that offers a unique Anniversary text. Whatever your choice, we recommend sharing the text with your Rabbi or wedding officiant before ordering. Read more Ketubah FAQ's here.

Browse our artists who offer an anniversary text: Stephanie Adler, Amy Fagin, Andrea Strongwater, Yossi Bar Shalom, Mickie Klugman-Caspi, Cindy Michael, Elliot Bassman, Nishima Kaplan, Suzy Friedman, Gad Almaliah, Karla Gudeon, Jackie Olenick, Joanne Fink, Linda Altshuler, Micah Parker, Ray Michaels, Peggy Davis, Rachel Marks, Robin Hall, Ruth Rudin, Selwyn Mills, Karen Shain Schloss, Simcha Back, Sivia Katz, Betsy Teutsch, and Vita Barth.