Challah Covers, Trays and Bread Knives

Challah Covers, Trays, and Bread Knives

Challah covers are used on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays (Yom Tov) to cover the Challah bread during Kiddush and before it is cut. A challah board, or tray, serves as an elegant centerpiece for your Shabbat table, while a special knife for cutting the Challah completes the set.

Whether you prefer machine-embroidered, painted, appliqued or tie-dyed adorned with crystals, silver or gold, Challah covers add beauty to the Shabbat ceremony. You may also recognize the Hebrew word for Shabbat ("שבת") inscribed on the front. If you are creating a gift registry with us, consider adding on of our Challah covers, trays, or knives to complete your Jewish home.