Mi Polin Bronze Mezuzahs

These mezuzot are part of the Mi Polin "Mezuzah From This Home" project. Before WWII and the Nazi Germany and Soviet occupations of Poland, there were 3.5 million Jewish inhabitants. This project commemorates the Jewish life of pre-war Poland by taking mezuzah casts from the door frames of once Jewish homes. Wax imprints are taken from the door frames where the mezuzot were removed and are then hand-cast in bronze to create a three dimensional replica of the scar left on the buildings whose original Jewish tenants are long gone. They symbolize the emptiness of now vacant homes, the remembrance of those who lived there, and the reclaiming of the mezuzah, which for years remained empty but now can fulfill its role in Judaica at home.

Mi Polin, founded by Aleksander Prugar and Helena Czernek, means “from Poland” in Hebrew. They are a contemporary design studio specializing in Jewish objects, branding for Jewish institutions, and graphic design. Their design refers to "hiddur micva", which demands that ritual artifacts be beautiful, but also emphasizes their multi-faceted nature. Mi Polin is the first company that designs and produces Judaica in Poland since the end of World War II, the Holocaust, and 45 years of communism.