Hila’s Lion Mezuzah by Forgotten Judaica

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This Hila’s Lion Mezuzah Cover recalls a time when craftsmen embellished Jewish ceremonial objects with leaves and vines, pomegranates and sunflowers, rams and lions; a time when ritual objects were narrative, pulling the beholder back to an age that recalls heroes and miracles, providing a keen sense of protection and satisfaction. These embellished Judaica pieces were made of tin, pewter, copper, bronze and silver.

Historically, Jewish law forbade artisans from using images of the human figure. As early as the third century Judaica makers turned to animal forms, vegetable and fruit motifs, even architectural images, to express aesthetic pleasure. As the Talmud encourages us through hiddur mitzvah, "make ceremonial objects with an eye to beauty."

Artist: Rebecca Nightingale Lisa Van Allsburg
Material: Cast Bronze
Size: 5.6" L

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