"Ripples" Mezuzah by Metalace

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You can never step in the same river twice, but you can look at this mezuzah every day, and soak up its aura of deep peace. Ancient patterns echo in cutting-edge metalworking, alchemizing the organic ripples and reflections of wind and sun on water into an enthralling, and abiding, skeuomorph design.

Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.25 x 0.6 inches
Materials: Laser-cut metal
Made in Israel.

Metalace Art is a contemporary design company unrivaled in the creation of lace metal objects.

Their designs reflect the desire to preserve the special, personal nature of handcrafted objects throughout history. Despite the use of industrial materials and technology, their product retains authenticity through the handmade process applied to each item. In integrating the language and texture of textile fabric with the stiffness of stainless steel, their art form marries the old and the new.

Metalace's pieces are designed and crafted by Talila Abraham, an Israeli-born artist with a M.Sc in Management Design from the Technion Israeli institute of Technology in Haifa, and a B.Sc.T.E in industrial design from the Holon Academic Institute of Technology.

An enduring symbol of safety and protection for all who dwell within a home, a mezuzah consists of a prayer scroll in a decorative case, which is affixed to the front door jamb (and sometimes to interior doorposts as well). They make an especially good gift for a wedding or housewarming.

You make a difference! All proceeds support the National Museum of American Jewish History and its mission.

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