2016: How We Voted (and didn't vote) Enamel Pin

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There are many ways to look at the 2016 election results. Here's one: the 2016 "How we voted (and didn't vote)" pin. 

Pin includes the breakdown of U.S. votes for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, third-party candidates, and those who registered but did not vote in the election. Dissent Pins designed this pin as a conversation starter, to get us talking about elections and democracy.

Backing card includes the breakdown of voters (and registered non-voters) in the 2016 election. 

50% of profits from the sales of this pin are donated to The New Georgia Project, which has been working for years to register and civically engage Georgians.

Pin is 1 1/4" wide, durable hard enamel, with two posts to hold it in place. 

This pin has small parts and is not made for children!