Four Questions Matzah tray

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  • Mah Nishtanah – the Four Questions Matzah tray
    Handcrafted and kiln-fired, ensuring long-lasting durability
    Inspired by shapes and colors found in nature
    Made in Israel

This charming ceramic matzah plate will bring a festive note to your Pesach table. On an off-white speckled background, Michal Ben Yosef has painted a chirping bird. With an intended play on the word matzah in Hebrew, are the words from the first of the four questions the children ask at the Seder table. A perfect for a family Seder.
Michal Ben Yosef, Israel's most popular ceramic artist, is renowned for the warm colors, and imaginative designs of her handcrafted and kiln-fired Judaica products - expressing her love for the land and People of Israel and their spiritual heritage.


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