Our Passover Haggadah - NMAJH Exclusive

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37 Pages.

This hard bound, vividly illustrated Passover Haggadah will become a staple at your family's Seder table. The book is produced exclusively for the Museum and has the NMAJH logo on the back cover.

Long time Museum supporters and friends Marian and Norman Wolgin have found a unique and sentimental way to give to The National Museum of American Jewish History.

In 1992, Marian and daughter Amy set about the task of creating their own family Haggadah. Their mission was to design one that was meaningful and dignified and would suit the needs of their extended family; a little more contemporary and relevant.

Amy tackled the research, making certain that all the essential components were included.Woven throughout is the edict and thou shalt tell your children. Through the story of the Israelites seeking freedom from slavery in Egypt, the text suggests the importance of pursuing freedom on every level; physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual freedom.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Deborah Keyser Dion and many of the illustrations include traditional ceremonial items owned and used each year at Pesach by the Wolgin family.

Sadly, Amy Wolgin Weiner died before the final Haggadah came to fruition. For 10 years the family offered copies of the Haggadah in exchange for donations to Amy’s Ventures at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.  Now in its third printing, the Wolgin’s have generously decided that in honor of Amy,Our Passover Haggadah would benefit the National Museum of American Jewish History.


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