Ahava (LOVE) Sterling Silver Necklace

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In 1977 the American artist, Robert Indiana created a 13-foot-tall steel sculpture for the people of Israel. The work, using the  letters of the Hebrew word ahava (love), is based on his well-known "LOVE" sculpture. A Love sculpture, designed by Indiana, was first placed in Philadelphia's JFK plaza in 1976 as part of the US Bicentennial celebration. It immediately became a beloved Philadelphia icon.

This necklace marries icons from Jerusalem and Philadelphia in a fashionable and artistic statement. The purchase of this item is a double mitzvah, as the proceeds directly benefit two major Jewish Museums. The NMAJH in Philadelphia, and the Israel Museum, in Jerusalem.

The piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and a summary of its historical background.

Made in Israel, Sterling Silver, 16" chain 

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