Wedding Couple Goblet by Zachary Oxman

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A couple embracing, holding each other with clasped hands and outstretched arms, reaching up to hold a hand-blown art glass vessel, are the embodiment of their life vows to each other and a symbol of their present and future, together.  This beautiful 12" goblet is crafted in cast bronze and layered with gold. Handmade and signed by the artist.


About the Artist
 Zachary Oxman's sculpture is a unique expression of his passion for capturing fleeting glimpses of moments that celebrate the human spirit. He is renowned for the movement and fluidity of his exceptional bronze works, which break the bonds of the medium, as well as his stunning large scale stainless steel outdoor installations.

Zachary was born in Reston, Virginia, in 1968. His parents, an architect and a ceramicist, helped craft an environment that encouraged artistic expression. He began pursuing his art career at Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, then furthered his studies and honed his craft, the lost wax casting method, while living abroad in Florence, Italy.

Oxman's sculpture is exhibited and commissioned by galleries, museums, synagogues, private collectors and governmental entities across the nation.

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