"Tangible" Braille Mezuzah (Crystal)

Touching the mezuzah as you pass is a mitzvah (commandment, sometimes used in the sense of "good deed"), connecting us physically to our faith and history.

The holy name "Shaddai" is written in Hebrew Braille on the outside of this transparent case, just as it is written in ink on the back of most mezuzah scrolls. In this way, Mi Polin's design makes the mezuzah's protection tangible, crystal clear to blind and sighted people alike.

Shaddai, a biblical name for G-d with a long history of protective and mystical uses, means "Almighty." It has also been understood as an acronym for "Shomer Daltot Yisrael" ("Guardian of Israel's Doors"). Some mezuzah cases are marked with this name, and most display its initial, "Shin" (ש).

Materials: crystal
Dimensions: 5 1⁄8 x 1 3⁄16 x 9⁄16 inches
Made in Poland.

Mi Polin, meaning “from Poland” in Hebrew, is the first brand that designs and produces Judaica in Poland since the end of World War II, the Holocaust, and forty-five years of Communism. This contemporary design studio specializes in Jewish objects, branding for Jewish institutions, and graphic design. Their design references "hiddur micva" (a Slavic transliteration of “mitzvah”), which demands that ritual artifacts be beautiful, while also emphasizing their multi-faceted nature. Mi Polin was founded by Aleksander Prugar and Helena Czernek.

An enduring symbol of safety and protection for all who dwell within a home, a mezuzah consists of a prayer scroll in a decorative case, which is affixed to the front door jamb (and sometimes to interior doorposts as well). They make an especially good gift for a wedding or housewarming.

You make a difference! All proceeds support the National Museum of American Jewish History and its mission.

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