Tzuki Red Family Tree Votive Menorah

Price: $325.00
Currently out of stock. Contact us for availability before ordering 215.923.0262 or [email protected]
16" tall x 18" wide, Red

This handcrafted menorah celebrates family joy and togetherness. The whole family comes together to nurture the roots of the tree that symbolizes home. This astonishing piece was carefully made in a multi-stage process. The process begins with sketches, followed by the metal-cut that is later coated in deep galvanization, and ends in painting with polyester powder.

Holds Tea light candles

In the field of Judaica art, Tzuki's unusual and groundbreaking approach has brought a touch of freshness to the ancient tradition, making serious religious articles feel more approachable, humorous and endearing. Tzuki has successfully reached across traditional boundaries in the niche of Jewish art and has subsequently been embraced by secular as well as orthodox Jewish communities. Located in Tel Aviv, Tzuki Art supports the local community by providing various non-profit organizations with opportunities to conduct therapeutic work in the studio.
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