Chamsa II Ketubah by Nava Shoham

Proceeds benefit the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.

The hand of Miriam, in reference to Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron, as well as the (5) chamesh hand. It serves as an ancient talismanic way of averting and getting protection from the evil eye, or more generally of providing a "protecting hand" or "Hand of God." It appears, often in stylized form, as a hand with three fingers raised, and sometimes with two thumbs arranged symmetrically. The symbol is used in amulets, charms, jewelry, door entrances, and other places to ward the evil eye.

The flow of water, nature, wheat, barley, and olive leaves are all symbols of purity and wealth. The dancing figures symbolize the festivity of life, and enduring fiery energy in both body and soul. The tree of life at the base of the palm contains the word Chai (Life) in its roots.

Giclee print on artist paper prices (not including personalization or shipping):
Large size (24″X28″) -  $350
Classic size (20″X24″) - $280
Small size (14″X18″) - $200

Giclee print on artist canvas prices (not including personalization or shipping):
Large size (24″X28″) - $400
Classic size (20″X24″) - $330


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  • Orthodox 1 (Hebrew and English)
  • Giclee print on Artist Paper (Small, 14" x 18") - $200
  • Standard Delivery - $24.95 (more than 4 weeks)
  • Personalization - $75.00
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