Victorian Upright Matzah Holder by Joy Stember

The pack of square Matzah that you serve your table during Pesach Seder fits perfectly in this beautiful constructed upright Matzah holder. It is made from Aluminum, Pewter and brass. For all 8 days of Passover, the Jewish people are commanded to eat unleavened bread, in remembrance of the hasty way the Children of Israel had to leave Egypt - the bread dough did not have time to rise before Moses brought them out. A basic cracker of flour and water, Matzah becomes a staple of every meal during the Jewish holiday of Pesach. This lovely Matzah holder is the perfect alternative to a Matzah tray to serve or store an open pack of Matzah.

7" x 2.75" x 4.5"
Price: $255.00
In Stock
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