Mi Polin Bronze Mezuzah - KRAKOW, UL. JOSEFA 42

Cast Bronze
5” long / 1.25” wide
Made in Poland

This mezuzah is part of a series from Mi Polin titled “Mezuzah from this house.” Before World War II, Poland had 3.5 million Jewish inhabitants as well a few million mezuzot. Almost all of the Jews and their mezuzot perished during the war, with only traces and empty holes remaining today in the place of mezuzahs.“Mezuzah from this house” is a bronze cast of what is left behind and commemorates the Jewish lives of pre-war Poland. Each mezuzah has an engraved letter Shin and the address where the trace was found on the side. After sitting untouched for many years, these mezuzot can now fulfill their holy function again.

The building was renovated in 1810 by the Kovea Itim leTorah. The group led Talmud lessons for adult members of the Jewish community of Kraków. Trace of mezuzah is best known mezuzah trace in Kraków and is a must-see point at tourist map of Kraków.

Wolf Braus and Jakub Hanbium managed the society before World War II. Nazi Germans during destroyed the building. After the War, the building temporarily served as a shelter for displaced people which was run by a Jewish Social Service Department. There remains an original Hebrew inscription on the facade: “Chevra Ke-dosha Kovea Itim leTorah” - the name of the prayer house.
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