Rainbow Tree of Life, with Leaves Menorah by Salusa Glassworks

Price: $850.00
In Stock
Blown multicolored glass  6.5" high, 9" wide
Individually handcrafted in the mountains of Arizona.

Salusa Glassworks is the studio of international glass artist,  author and teacher, Bandhu Scott Dunham. In addition to fabricating his own one-of-a-kind glass sculptures and goblets, Bandhu supervises his apprentices in creating unusual gift items and decorations of his conception. Their award-winning menorahs (chanukiah) have proven themselves in the marketplace for many years. With their distinctive, functional designs they are popular among collectors and as gifts for newlyweds any time of year. Because they work exclusively with heat-resistant glass, candles can burn down completely without harming this heirloom-quality artwork.
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