My Quiet Ship

by Hallee Adelman  (Author), Sonia Sanchez (Illustrator)
Age Range: 3 - 5 years
Grade Level: Preschool - 3
Hardcover: 32 pages

Whenever the yelling in his house starts, Quinn runs to a special hiding place. There he becomes captain of the Quiet Ship, where he can get far, far away from the yelling that hurts his ears and makes him feel scared. But one day the Quiet Ship is broken and Quinn needs a new plan, one that requires him to be brave. A thoughtful treatment of a difficult topic, this story is for any child who faces fighting in the home.

Using film, print, and web-based media, Hallee Adelman writes, develops, and produces creative works for children and families. With a Ph.D. in education, Hallee has taught elementary through university students and has served various youth-focused organizations such as Simon’s Fund, the Please Touch Museum, the Philadelphia School Partnership, and the Franklin Institute. Hallee's first book, My Quiet Ship, debuted in October 2018.

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