The Ecclesiastes Clock by Jonathan Kremer

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The Ecclesiastes Clock by Jonathan Kremer is an artistic expression of timeless biblical words — reminding us that everything has a season and each action on this earth has its time — on a working clock. Pairs of contrasting actions described in Ecclesiastes (3:2-8) are opposite one another on the face of this stimulating work of art. The clock’s hands tell “real” time; the words tell of the realities of life.

The Ecclesiastes Clock is perfect for the classroom, chapel, clerical office, home…any place where the spiritual and the quotidian intersect. It is a great gift for confirmation, bar/bat mitzvah, ordination…encouraging the consideration of time and life.

Battery-powered wall clock (AA battery included). Silvery-grey, brushed metal case, 12” diameter; 1-5/8” deep.